As part of our pro-bono activities we are committed to the development of transparency and efficiency in Germany by promoting the Freedom of Information Act.

We have acted pro bono in a large number of court cases against regional- and federal authorities.

Attracting attention across Germany, the following cases are examples for our work in this context:
Member of parliament Tauss’ fight for his right to inspection of the Toll Collect Agreement; The weekly´s “Die Zeit”-journalist Staudt’s action demanding access to the files concerning former East-German spies in the German parliament, which are kept under lock and key by the federal commissioner for State Security files; last not least “Bild” journalist Hans-Wilhelm Saure’s demand to inspect the German Banking Regulator BaFin’s supervision files concerning the HRE Bank.

In 2011 in a landmark access to the archives-case before the highest court of administration one of our clients was offered access to the files of the German Intelligence Agency BND to review their files concerning Adolf Eichmann. By this access to the files, the client was able to discover, that the German Intelligence Agency knew in 1952 of the exact adress of Adolf Eichmann, but refused to give this knowledge to other agencies or the public.